Ventspils pilsētas Izglītības pārvalde is an educational government which looks after all the educational facilities in the Ventspils city.

There are nine general education schools in Ventspils (one gymnasium, four high schools, three elementary schools and one primary school) and nine kindergartens. It is possible to receive education both in Latvian and Russian languages in Ventspils, the language proportions are divided by pupil’s age and grade they are in.

In 2020/2021 school year 1702 children started studying in Ventspils city kindergartens, and 3985 children started studies in Ventspils general education schools, including 397 first class pupils and 164 pupils who started studying in the first high school class

Stimulating studies in the natural sciences

Ventspils has set the following goals to create better educational environment:

  • Encourage young people to study natural sciences, math and technology;
  • Promote the high quality education in above mentioned subjects;
  • Increase the number of students in natural science and technology programs;
  • Attract more specialists to the sectors that are vital for the economy of the Ventspils city.

The local government modernizes classrooms, purchases new furniture, training aids and other equipment to make the educational environment more efficient and pleasant to the children by attracting co-finances from the European Union funds.